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Your New Favorite Curries | green curry, red curry, handmade roti, fragrant jasmine rice | lime soft serve v avail, gf avail

Pasta alla Vodka | orecchiette from scratch, vodka sauce, antipasto salad | chocolate espresso truffles veg avail

Jazzy BBQ | "mac 'n cheese" risotto, roasted pork, bbq sauce from scratch, herbed coleslaw | spoonable s'mores gf, veg avail

Really Good Chinese Food | vegetable summer rolls, ginger garlic fried rice, kung pao chicken | matcha ice cream gf, veg avail

Madison's Whim | Madison will choose what you cook that night. You won't know until you get there. It'll be seasonal and great. gf avail, veg avail

Schedule & Registration

Guests are welcomed to bring wine or beer for no additional charge.

May 7 | Private Group | 6:00pm

May 8 | Private Group | 6:00pm

May 15 | Private Group | 1:00pm

May 15 | Private Group | 6:00pm

May 16 | Corporate Event | 6:00pm

May 19 | Private Group | 6:00pm

May 21 | Jazzy BBQ | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

May 22 | Pasta alla Vodka | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

May 28 | Your New Favorite Curries | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

May 29 | Jazzy BBQ | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

June 4 | Private Group | 6:00pm

June 5 | Private Group | 6:00pm

June 10 | Corporate Event | 11:00am

June 11 | Private Group | 6:30pm

June 12 | Really Good Chinese Food | 6:00pm

June 13 | Private Group | 4:00pm

June 18 | Madison's Whim | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

June 19 | Jazzy BBQ | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

June 25 | Pasta alla Vodka | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

June 26 | Really Good Chinese Food | 6:00pm

Safety Information:

- Our public classes are limited to only 10 guests. Private events can be larger.

- Equipment, utensils, and surfaces are sanitized between and throughout classes with EPA-registered and food safe disinfectants.

- There are no more than (2) employees on the premises at any time.

- Guests have access to gloves if desired.

We take pride in providing guests a comfortable, intimate experience. By their nature our classes involve human interaction and shared participation. Please attend only if you feel you confident in contributing to this experience.

We do not ask or expect guests to wear face coverings at any point. You can if you'd prefer to, but our classes involve constant eating and drinking. We just ask that guests remain kind and courteous.