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Summer Seasonal | cornbread from scratch, honey butter, pork tenderloin dressed with shaved fennel and apple, herb potato salad | vanilla custard with peaches gf avail

Asian Dumplings | pork and leek dumplings, carrot and ginger dumplings, fried rice, crispy chili cucumbers | mango sago v avail, gf avail

Street Tacos | chorizo from scratch, handmade tortillas, queso, pickled jalapenos and onions, queso blanco, | Mexican hot chocolate veg avail, gf avail

Cavatelli | cavatelli from scratch with fresh sausage, kale, tomatoes, and parmesan, caesar salad | macerated berries with whipped cream

Bake 'n Take | puff pastry from scratch, savory cheddar/chive scones, apricot/cream cheese danish, apple turnovers

Schedule & Registration

Guests are welcomed to bring wine or beer for no additional charge.

Public classes are limited to guests ages 21 and over.

August 12 | Corporate Event | 5:30pm

August 13 | Private Group | 6:00pm

August 14 | Private Group | 12:00pm

August 14 | Private Group | 5:00pm

August 18 | Summer Seasonal | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

August 19 | Asian Dumplings | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

August 20 | Street Tacos | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

August 21 | Cavatelli | 4:00pm SOLD OUT

August 23 | Corporate Event | 5:00pm

August 25 | Summer Seasonal | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

August 26 | Cavatelli | 6:00pm SOLD OUT

August 27 | Asian Dumplings | 6:00pm SOLD OUT 

September public classes will be posted on Tuesday, August 16 at 9:00am

Call us if you'd like to arrange a private group class or corporate event