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Stir didn't invent cooking classes, but we are reinventing them...


Cooking classes don't belong tucked into the back of big box stores. They shouldn't be just an afterthought of a restaurant or caterer. Kitchens should be chic and welcoming. The instruction should be as theatrical as it is educational. Customers shouldn't stress over constant cross-selling. Guests should make memories, not just meals.


Cooking class have been around for awhile, but we thought they could be so much better. At Stir, we're turning them upside down. We're building stunning studios, filling them with rockstar instructors, and delivering a truly captivating guest experience. We're not a restaurant. We don't sell kitchen gadgets. We're here just to show you a special time. We couldn't find a cooking class that we wanted to go to, so we made one for ourselves. We hope you'll love it too.

Stir hosted its first class in June 2019 at the Ohio City studio. The Chagrin Falls studio was added in the fall of 2020, and Hudson in 2022. More fun is further down the road.


Come along for the ride, and make some memories along the way.

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Charlie Denk

Founder + Owner


Madison Smith

Director of Operations

Owner/Operator of Marie Simplicity


Caitlin Fehr

General Manager

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Zack Bordner

General Manager

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